Frequently Asked Questions about New Housing Options in Maharishi Vedic City

1. What type of construction is used for these homes and townhouses?

All of these homes are constructed according to Maharishi Sthapatya Veda® design using non-toxic materials, stucco-style exteriors, composite villa style roof tiles, drywall interior finishes, Energy Star windows, and mostly Energy Star appliances.

All housing is high quality modular construction with standard 2x6 exterior walls, R-21 insulation in the walls, and R-50 insulation in the attic. Walls between townhouse units are framed with double staggered studs filled with insulation and finished with sheetrock on each side of each wall for excellent sound separation and fire protection. The foundation is a concrete slab with an above-grade crawl space to prevent dampness under the house.

We use modular construction because the homes can be built quickly and less expensively indoors using the materials we specify and the design we specify. It is similar to building automobiles in a factory versus trying to build each car outside one at a time. We have priced these housing units using all different construction methods and we are able to provide these homes for the least expensive price using these techniques we have developed.

We have constructed 180 homes here in Maharishi Vedic City over the past four years, and this particular Peace Colony development has been under design for the last two years. As a result, these houses and townhouses being offered now reflect the highest standards built so far, where every aspect of the buildings have been analyzed from the perspective of maintaining the health of those living in the buildings, sound insulation, beauty, and functionality.

2. When can the houses and townhouses be ready?

One advantage of modular construction is that the housing can be built throughout the winter because of the indoor climate-controlled conditions in the factory. Once the foundation is poured and the infrastructure is brought to a building, the building can be delivered from the factory and set and finished on the site within 4-8 weeks.

As soon as the purchase agreement(s) for a building have been completed, with down payment and final loan approval (if applicable), we can put a building into production in the factory. For a single-family home, we will start production in the factory immediately after it is pre-sold. For a townhouse building, we will start production after most or all units in the building are pre-sold. In early spring, when weather allows for the foundation and infrastructure to be put in, your house or townhouse can be quickly completed.

3. What does it mean to pre-sell the home?

By pre-sold, we mean that the buyer has qualified for a mortgage loan and has made a 15% down payment on the cost of the home or townhouse, or has given the full purchase price for the home or townhouse if the buyer is not using a mortgage. The down payment is put into escrow until the home is ordered and put into production.

4. What is the process for applying for a mortgage if I want one?

There are banks in the Maharishi Vedic City/Fairfield area, and of course, many other options around the country and on the Internet. In general, if you contact one or more of these companies, you can find out very quickly how much you are eligible to borrow after providing some background information. Different lenders offer different mortgage options so you might want to contact several lenders to find out who offers you the best terms for your situation. You may also qualify for “first time home buyer” tax credits or other special benefits. Please visit the Getting Started area of the website for more details.

5. What are the amenities inside each home, for example type of heating, flooring, cabinets, etc?

The townhouses and the smaller single family homes will have high-efficiency air-to-air heat exchangers for heating and air conditioning. For the 1400 sq ft and larger houses there is a high efficiency furnace and air-conditioning condenser. Geothermal systems are available as an upgrade.

Standard flooring is wool carpet in bedrooms and living rooms and composite tile in the entrance area, kitchen and bath. There are options for ceramic tile and engineered hardwood as well. Standard cabinets have solid oak doors and plywood interiors. No particle board is used.

For more details, please see the detailed Specifications and Options spreadsheet for the housing type that interests you.

6. How many townhouse units are there in each building?

There are a maximum of five 450 sq ft units in each townhouse building, and each building is one-story. You can elect to purchase two combined units to create a 900 sq ft townhouse or a 1 ½-sized 675 sq ft unit. It is also possible to purchase three combined units to creat a 1350 sq ft townhouse. The floor plans for the combination units can be modified slightly to suit your needs. Generally, the larger units allow for an additional bedroom and possibly an additional bathroom, while the living, dining, and kitchen areas are expanded.

7. What are the property taxes like in Maharishi Vedic City?

Property taxes are based on the assessed value of your home, which includes the land. This assessed value is then multiplied by .44803. If you own and live in this home as your primary residence you can subtract a $4,850 “homestead exemption.” You then multiply this number by the levy rate. The levy rate for Maharishi Vedic City is approximately $28.50 per $1000 of assessed value. (In Fairfield the levy rate is approximately $41.50 per $1000 and in Jefferson County it is approximately $27 per $1000.) For example, if your property is assessed at $80,000, then your taxes for the year will be $884.00.

8. Is there a homeowners' fee or a townhouse fee?

Yes, there will be a Homeowners' Association fee, and each townhouse building will have its own Homeowners Association. Monthly homeowners' association fees will start at $100/month for a 450 sq ft unit, $125/month for a 675 sq ft unit, and $150/month for a 900 sq ft unit. Over time, these amounts can be adjusted based on actual costs for insurance, management, landscaping, exterior maintenance, snow removal, road maintenance, etc. Owners of single family homes will pay less because they are responsible for their own insurance, landscaping, and exterior maintenance.

9. What is the lot size?

The minimum lot size for the 1400 sf house is 70’ x 80’. This does not include roads, parking lots and buffer space. Larger lot sizes may be available at an additional cost. The townhouse building lots are one-third of an acre and do include parking and buffer space.

10. What is the accommodation for cars (enclosed garage, carport, none)?

There will be parking lots provided with an option for garage stalls at an additional cost. The 1400 sq ft home has the option of an attached two-car garage.

11. Can you give me a link that provides more information about Maharishi Vedic City?

12. Are pets allowed?

Yes, small, domestic pets are allowed. There may be designated pet-friendly and pet-free townhouse buildings, if desired. The City has a basic pet ordinance that must be followed by all residents.

12. What are the benefits of living in Vastu?

One of our new townhouse couples gave this testimonial:

“We are very happy with our new MSV townhouse.  The quality is very high, and we love the feeling of living in Vastu.  There is a constant level of inner happiness and settledness that you just don’t find in other construction.  The best part was how easy it was – with phone calls, a few emails, and an agreement, we had everything set.  We didn’t even see the unit until an hour before we moved in, but we knew exactly what we were getting from the plans and photos we had seen.  Plus, we really love the fact that group program at the Maharishi Peace Palace is literally a few steps from our front door.  The MVCD team was great to work with, always going the distance to get our desires fulfilled.  We would recommend this as the easiest, mot cost-effective way to get into Vastu and begin to enjoy the many benefits.”

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