Minutes of a City Council Meeting

Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 7:00 PM
City Hall
1750 Maharishi Center Avenue

Present: Mayor Rogers Badgett, Councilmembers Chris Johnson, Steve Boss, Leslee Goldstein, all by Zoom due to on-going concerns by the Council for the COVIC-19 Pandemic
Absent: Kara Anastasio
Present in addition: Tom Makeig, Dr. Kent Boyum, Kathy Petersen

Mayor Badgett called the meeting to order.

  1. City Attorney Report—City Attorney Tom Makeig reported on assessments for existing connections to the sewer system, and on amending the related ordinance.
  2. Three Minutes of Silence
  3. Public Comments—Mike Olmstead expressed concern that sewer connections fees be equitable.
  4. Minutes—Kilcher moved, Goldstein seconded, to approve minutes from a meeting held October 27, 2021; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none.
  5. Receipts and Claims—Goldstein moved, Kilcher seconded, to approve the report as amended, and to pay Iowa League of Cities by credit card; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher: Nays: none.
  6. Renew Certificate of Deposit—Goldstein moved, Kilcher seconded, to renew the Sewer Fund Certificate of Deposit with Central State Bank for 6 months; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher: Nays: none.
  7. Sewer Maintenance Report—Dr. Boyum reported that one of the Mandala One lift station pumps was repaired by the sewer operator, and the second must be replaced. The replacement quote is $10,000 with shipping; delivery is 12-14 weeks. Adapting another pump is more expensive. After discussion Johnson moved, Kilcher seconded, to authorize Dr. Boyum and Rogers Badgett to research and purchase a pump, not exceeding $10,000; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher: Nays: none.
  8. Outside Watering Credit—Kilcher moved, Goldstein seconded, to deny a request for outside watering credit for October; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher: Nays: none.
  9. Subdivision Request—After discussion, Goldstein moved, Johnson seconded, to approve a subdivision request from ILA Campus LLC with provisions to be documented by the City Attorney; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher: Nays: none.
  10. Report on Urban Renewal Activities—Kathy Petersen reported on steps taken to establish a new Urban Renewal Area and TIF district.
  11. City Clerk Transition—Kathy Petersen reported the City Clerk replacement will start January 1, 2022; training will take approximately one month with some on-going time needed. Goldstein moved, Boss seconded, to request the Finance Committee to account for transition costs including unpaid vacation time; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher: Nays: none.
  12. Committee Reports—
    1. Public Safety and Public Works: Leslee Goldstein reported on progress in creating a building permit, with input from Tom Makeig and Chris Johnson, and on Brahmasthan Trail safety signs.
    2. Culture, Recreation and Beautification: Stellavera Kilcher offered to continue chairing the committee after January 1. She presented trailhead sign designs and recommended locations. She reported on beautification concerns around the City, and on culturing the Council’s responsibilities as outlined in the Proclamation and City Resolution 24, both dated November 1, 2002.
  13. Consider Resolution to Approve Amendment to the Building Permit—Postponed.
  14. Brahmasthan Trail System—Goldstein moved, Boss seconded, to hire Ron Wilson to set signposts using the ICAP Grant, if awarded; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein: Nays: none; Abstain: Kilcher. Kilcher moved, Goldstein seconded, to approve $100 trail expense; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher: Nays: none.
  15. City Hall—
    1. Maintenance—Kilcher moved, Goldstein seconded, to approve installing a closet on the second floor of City Hall; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher: Nays: none.
    2. Opening—Re-opening City Hall was moved to the Public Health and Safety Committee.
  16. Other Business—None presented.

Mayor Badgett adjourned the meeting.

Rogers Badgett, Mayor
Kathy Petersen, City Clerk

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