Minutes of a City Council Meeting

Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 2:30 PM
City Hall
1750 Maharishi Center Avenue

Present: Mayor Rogers Badgett, Councilmembers Chris Johnson, Steve Boss, Kara Anastasio, Leslee Goldstein, Stellavera Kilcher (all by Zoom due to the pandemic)
Absent: None
Present in Addition: City Attorney Tom Makeig, Dr. Kent Boyum, Kathy Petersen

Mayor Badgett called the meeting to order.

  1. Public Comments—None received.
  2. Minutes—Goldstein moved, Kilcher seconded to approve minutes from meetings held July 14, 2021, and July 19, 2021; Ayes: Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none. [Kara Anastasio joined the meeting.]
  3. Receipts and Claims—Goldstein moved, Anastasio seconded to approve the report as amended; Ayes: Boss, Anastasio, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none. [Chris Johnson joined the meeting.]
  4. Treasurer’s Report—Postponed.
  5. City Attorney Report on Sewer and Connection Fee—City Attorney Makeig reported on his review of ordinance 15.03 regarding sewer connection fees.
  6. Committee Report: City Development—Chris Johnson reported on discussions to create a TIF district at the Pandit Campus to fund a large solar project for use by the entire City. The committee will discuss the idea with campus developers and bond counsel. The council discussed creating a subcommittee for City promotion.
  7. Committee Report: Public Safety and Public Works—Leslee Goldstein reported on the first draft of a building permit ordinance and on building permit application revisions needed. She reported on discussions about crop duster violations in the City. The council discussed steps to take to prevent crop dusters from crossing the City. Dr. Boyum will prepare a letter. The council discussed creating a subcommittee for road projects.
  8. Building Permit Ordinance—The draft ordinance will be reviewed by the City Attorney. [Stellavera Kilcher left the meeting.]
  9. Consider Additional Permanent Committees—The council discussed making trial sub-committees within permanent committees as an alternative to considering additional permanent committees.
  10. Committee Assignments—Postponed.
  11. City Hall Repairs—The council discussed the cupola windows replacement proposal and expectations of framing the inside of the windows and repairing drywall not being met.
  12. Solar Report—Dr. Boyum reported that the project can start once money is in place, either through TIF or ARP. He is researching electronic manufacturers, particularly with low electromagnetic field. He said solar tax credits are higher in 2021 than they will be in 2022.
  13. Roads Report—Dr. Boyum reported that he will compile a history related to the Mitchell Creek Bridge replacement and its delay, including all agreements, to share with the new Jefferson County engineer.
  14. American Rescue Plan Report—Dr. Boyum reported the City is on record with the Department of Management to receive ARP funds.
  15. 20th Anniversary Celebration Report—Kathy Petersen reported on the success of the celebration and that it was almost $2000 under budget. Goldstein moved, Anastasio seconded, to donate $100 to the Jefferson County Deputy Reserves for volunteering services at the celebration; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Anastasio, Goldstein; Nays: none. Other volunteers will receive a thank you letter from the mayor.
  16. Other Business—The Council discussed resuming in person meetings.

Mayor Badgett adjourned the meeting.

Rogers Badgett, Mayor
Kathy Petersen, City Clerk

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