Minutes of a City Council Meeting

Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 2:30 PM

Present: Mayor Rogers Badgett, Councilmembers Chris Johnson, Steve Boss, Kara Anastasio, Leslee Goldstein (acting as clerk), Stellavera Kilcher; all by Zoom due to the pandemic
Absent: None
Present in addition: Dr. Kent Boyum

Mayor Badgett called the meeting to order.

    1. Public Comments—None received.
    2. Minutes—Anastasio moved, Goldstein seconded, to approve minutes from a meeting held June 9, 2021; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Anastasio, Goldstein; Nays: none.
    3. Receipts and Claims—Goldstein moved, Anastasio seconded, to approve the report; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Anastasio, Goldstein; Nays: none.
    4. Treasurer’s Report—Postponed. [Kilcher joined the meeting at 2:45 PM.]
    5. Report on Rights of Way for Paths—Dr. Boyum reported on properties being used for walking paths. The council discussed securing land connecting the Brahmasthan to the Maharishi Vedic Observatory. Chris Johnson will talk with the owner.
    6. American Rescue Plan—Dr. Boyum reported that the grant amount for non-entitlement units of local government, like the City, must be less than 75% than the amount of money the unit has in January 2020; the City qualifies. He reported that the mayor will act as designated legal representative and sign all documents.
    7. Solar Report—Dr. Boyum is gathering information from five cities using solar technologies at their wastewater treatment plants, as this would qualify for American Rescue Plan funding.
    8. Brahmasthan Center Maintenance—Stellavera Kilcher reported on volunteers to mow the center garden area. She reported on a possible Walmart grant. Kilcher moved, Anastasio seconded, to have EQR mow the paths around the Brahmasthan twice; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Anastasio, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none. Kilcher moved, Goldstein seconded, that the City Clerk implement the volunteer agreement form by next week; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Anastasio, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none.
    9. Maharishi Vedic Observatory Maintenance Agreement—Dr. Boyum reported the agreement will renew for five years on June 30, 2021.
    10. City Attorney Report on Pandit Campus Sewer Utility Issues—Postponed.
    11. Report on Volunteer Liability Insurance—Postponed.
    12. Opening City Hall/Community Center—Postponed.
    13. City Hall Maintenance—Postponed.
    14. Tax Increment Financing Pandit Campus Project—Postponed.
    15. Southeast Iowa Sierra Club Sustainability Joint Venture—Leslee Goldstein reported on a Sierra Club sustainability joint venture the City has been invited to participate in with Fairfield and MIU.
    16. Other Business—None reported.

Mayor Badgett adjourned the meeting.

Rogers Badgett, Mayor
Kathy Petersen, City Clerk

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