Minutes of a City Council Meeting

Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 2:30 PM

Present: Mayor Rogers Badgett, Councilmembers Chris Johnson, Steve Boss, Leslee Goldstein, Stellavera Kilcher, all by Zoom due to the pandemic.
Absent: Kara Anastasio
Present in addition: Dr. Kent Boyum, Kathy Petersen

Mayor Badgett called the meeting to order.

    1. Public Comments—None received.
    2. Minutes—Goldstein moved, Kilcher seconded, to approve minutes from a meeting held May 26, 2021; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none.
    3. Receipts and Claims—Goldstein moved, Kilcher seconded, to approve the report; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none.
    4. Volunteer Agreements and Insurance—After discussion Goldstein moved, Kilcher seconded, to implement a Volunteer Agreement pending approval of the City Attorney; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none. The City Attorney will report on insurance issues at the next regular meeting.
    5. Brahmasthan Maintenance—The council discussed obtaining permissions for use of private property to connect walking paths in the City. Dr. Boyum and Kathy Petersen will compile all possible properties, the owners and how any paths on the properties are being maintained.
    6. American Rescue Plan (ARP)—Dr. Boyum reported the City qualifies for $179,000 in ARP funds. Uses may include any project that qualifies for State Revolving Loan Funds. City uses may be for water or sewer system improvements, including improvements for energy efficiency and “greenness”, and compensation for loss of utility income due to the pandemic. The state is required to distribute funds to small towns within 30 days of receipt.
    7. Solar Report—Dr. Boyum reported that his model for a solar powered sewer system fits with the $179,000 to be received from ARP, and that more federal money for utilities may be coming.
    8. Amendment to Council Procedures Manual—The council discussed amending the manual to include additional permanent committees, to change the required number of council members on a committee, and to revise meeting and reporting procedures. [Chris Johnson left the meeting.]
    9. Resolution to Adopt Amended Council Procedures Manual—Postponed.
    10. Resolution to Adopt Standing Committee Assignments—Postponed.
    11. Maharishi Vedic Observatory Maintenance Agreement—Postponed.
    12. 911 Map—Goldstein moved, Boss, seconded, to print updated 911 maps and booklets using Frontline Printing; Ayes: Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none.
    13. Sewer Connection Fees—Postponed.
    14. Pandit Campus Wastewater Accounting—After discussion Boss moved, Goldstein seconded, to have the City Attorney determine the City’s position related to Pandit Campus sewer expenses and income based on historical information; Ayes: Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none.
    15. Opening City Hall/Community Center—Postponed.
    16. City Hall Maintenance—Boss moved, Goldstein seconded, to contract with Kone Elevator for elevator maintenance; Ayes: Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none. Kilcher moved, Boss seconded to replace smoke detectors; Ayes: Boss, Goldstein, Kilcher; Nays: none.
    17. Other Business—None.

Mayor Badgett adjourned the meeting.

Rogers Badgett, Mayor
Kathy Petersen, City Clerk

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