Minutes of a Special City Council Meeting

Wednesday, July 31, 2019, 2:00 PM

Present: Mayor ProTem Rogers Badgett, Maureen Wynne, Steve Boss, Tim Fitz-Randolph, Chris Johnson (by telephone)
Absent: Mayor Robert Wynne
Also present: Nancy Watkins, Dr. Kent Boyum, Kathy Petersen

Mayor ProTem Badgett called the meeting to order.

  1. Consider Adopting Health and Safety Ordinance Regarding Utilities and Meters—A proposed Health and Safety ordinance prohibiting above-ground transmitting devices like smart meters was presented. Thorough consideration was given to the wording of the ordinance. Wynne moved, Boss seconded, to suspend the rules and move to the third and final reading of the ordinance; Ayes: Badgett, Wynne, Boss, Fitz-Randolph; Nays: none; motion carried. Badgett moved, Fitz-Randolph seconded to adopt the ordinance and instruct the City Clerk to post it at three posting locations as determined by law on July 31, 2019; Ayes: Badgett, Wynne, Boss, Fitz-Randolph; Nays: none; motion carried. Ordinance number 2019-01 was assigned.
  2. Action to Alert to Access Energy of City Ordinances Regarding Smart Meters—Wynne moved, Badgett seconded to request that the City Attorney send copies of the Health and Safety Ordinance Regarding Utilities and Meters to Access Energy, Alliant Energy and all utilities serving the City, alerting them to the ordinance, all ayes. [Chris Johnson joined the meeting.]
  3. Review Projected Costs and Consider Accepting Dedication of Streets in Phase I of the Southeast 1/3 of Northwest Campus—Discussion continued regarding improving streets the City intends to accept from the owner of the northwest campus, and regarding creating an Urban Renewal area and TIF district. A bid of $44,000 was presented for widening and adding gravel to the streets. Tim Fitz-Randolph presented maintenance costs for comparable City streets. Discussion took place about the future of the campus and the risks involved in the street project. Steve Boss recommended creating a comprehensive plan for the campus.
  4. Review Housing Development Bond—Wynne moved, Badgett seconded that Chris Johnson and Rogers Badgett meet with representatives of First National Bank in Fairfield to explore options regarding the repayment of the Housing Development Revenue Bond, all ayes.
  5. Consider REAP Grant Application—Fitz-Randolph moved, Badgett seconded to apply for a REAP grant to expand walking trails in the City, all ayes.
  6. Consider Installation of Levered Doorknobs and Hinged Intake Air Grills in City Hall/Community Center—Badgett moved, Boss seconded to approve installation of levered doorknobs in City Hall/Community Center, as required by the USDA, and to install hinged intake air grills where needed in the building, all ayes.

Mayor ProTem Badgett adjourned the meeting.

Robert G. Wynne, Mayor
Kathy Petersen, City Clerk

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