Minutes of a City Council Meeting

Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 2:00 PM

Present: Mayor Robert Wynne, Rogers Badgett, Chris Johnson, Maureen Wynne, Steve Boss, Tim Fitz-Randolph
Absent: None
Also present: Nancy Watkins, Dr. Kent Boyum, Kathy Petersen

Mayor Wynne called the meeting to order.

  1. Minutes—Wynne moved, Fitz-Randolph seconded to approve minutes from a meeting held March 7, 2019, all ayes.
  2. Receipts and Claims—Fitz-Randolph moved, Boss seconded, to approve the report, all ayes.
  3. Treasurer’s Report—Fitz-Randolph moved, Boss seconded, to approve the report for February 2019, all ayes.
  4. Consider Credit on Sewer Bill—Johnson moved, Boss seconded to grant a customer request for credit against atypical water use due to a broken pipe, and to inform the council of repairs done, all ayes.
  5. Community Center Room Use Agreement—Postponed.
  6. Consider Changing Size of City Council—Discussion took place about changing the size of the City Council from 5 to 7. Dr. Boyum will research steps required. Johnson moved, Wynne seconded, to proceed, all ayes.
  7. Sewer System Report, Bids—Dr. Boyum reported that requests for bids for sewer plant operations have been sent to 15 operators. He reported that significant SBR repairs may be needed in the sewer system.
  8. Solar Utilities—Dr. Boyum reported on a meeting with Simpleray, a solar installer.
  9. Consider Payroll Amendment to Employee Handbook—Johnson moved, Fitz-Randolph seconded to adopt a policy to be added to the employee handbook regarding wage increases, all ayes.
  10. Consider Payroll Increases—Discussion took place regarding cost of living pay increases. The issue will be considered in context of current and future budgets at the next meeting.
  11. BSF Campus Development—Tim Fitz-Randolph presented an initial concept to develop the south section of the BSF campus for alternative uses with suggestions of how the City can help this area be more fully used.
  12. Building Permits—Fitz-Randolph recommended adopting building permits that includes a system for monitoring construction. Maureen Wynne and Kathy Petersen will draft a permit.
  13. Greenhouse Report—Mayor Wynne reported that the former Maharishi Vedic City Organic Greenhouse is being purchased through a corporation. The property is being leased and will operate as Fairfield Iowa Organic Greenhouses LLC.
  14. Fire Hydrants—Dr. Boyum reported that he is working with Warner Engineering to develop a hydrants system.
  15. Fire Station—Discussion took place regarding establishing a City fire department.
  16. Other Business—Mayor Wynne reported that the City of Fairfield is a researching 2-mile joint extraterritorial zoning radius.

Mayor Wynne adjourned the meeting.

Robert G. Wynne, Mayor
Kathy Petersen, City Clerk

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