Minutes of a City Council Meeting

Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 3:00 PM

Present: Mayor ProTem Rogers Badgett, Tim Fitz-Randolph; Chris Johnson, Steve Boss (by telephone as they were out of town making it impossible to attend in person)
Absent: Mayor Robert Wynne, Maureen Wynne
Also present: Dr. Kent Boyum, Kathy Petersen

Mayor ProTem Badgett called the meeting to order.

  1. City Hall HVAC Repairs—Tim Fitz-Randolph reported the 2nd floor City Hall HVAC compressor is broken; he recommended replacing the 11-year-old Daikin unit with a new Daikin Aurora unit, which would allow the use of existing blowers and thermostats. Discussion of other options took place. Badgett moved to have the unit replaced with a Daikin Aurora by Arnold Refrigeration, not to exceed $17,000, using Building Reserve and General Funds, Fitz-Randolph seconded, all ayes.
  2. City Hall Attic Insulation—Discussion about the need to improve attic insulation.

Mayor ProTem Badgett adjourned the meeting.

Robert G. Wynne, Mayor
Kathy Petersen, City Clerk

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