Minutes of a City Council Meeting

Monday, February 13, 2017, 3:00 PM

Present: Mayor Robert Wynne, Chris Johnson, Rogers Badgett, Maureen Wynne, Steve Boss (by telephone as he was out of town making it impossible to attend in person)
Absent: Bill Goldstein
Also present: Nancy Watkins, Dr. Kent Boyum, Kathy Petersen

Mayor Wynne called the meeting to order.

  1. Minutes—Johnson moved to approve minutes, as amended to properly reflect Resolution number 20161216A, of a meeting held December 16, 2016, Badgett seconded, all ayes.
  2. Claims—Badgett moved to approve the report, Johnson seconded, all ayes.
  3. Treasurer’s Report—December 2016 report was presented.
  4. City Hall/Community Center—
    1. Grand Opening Celebration—Discussion took place about holding a celebration after parking improvements for the building are completed.
    2. Building Uses—Discussion took place about continuing current City and community activities, adding a lending library and other uses for the community.
    3. Repairs & Improvements—The council prioritized fire safety improvements, ADA improvements, water damage, removing the HVAC shed. Chris Johnson and Kent Boyum will assess and get proposals.
    4. Circular Drive—Improvements for the drive and parking lot are included in this year’s budget. Dr. Boyum will contract townhouse owners south of the building regarding their portion of the parking lot.
    5. Insurance—Discussion took place regarding insurance for the building. The clerk will get quotes from two companies.
  5. Budget FY18—Kathy Petersen presented the preliminary budget. The council will meet 3 PM, Friday, Feb. 17 to finalize and set a public hearing date.
  6. Bank Reconciliations—December reports were presented.
  7. Utility Billing Reconciliation—Presented.
  8. Consider Late Fees Policy—Postponed.
  9. Amend Resolution Authorizing the Payment of Certain Claims Prior to Council Approval—Postponed.
  10. ICAP Grant—Kathy Petersen reported that the City has been awarded an $835.50 loss control grant by Iowa Community Assurances Pool. The grant money will be used to purchase non-skid entry rugs in the City Hall/Community Center.
  11. Area 15 Support Resolution—Postponed.
  12. Wastewater System Cost Analysis—Postponed.
  13. Consider Sewer Rate Amendment——Postponed.
  14. Computer Equipment——Postponed.
  15. Roads Projects—Postponed.
  16. Other Business—None.

Mayor Wynne adjourned the meeting.

Robert G. Wynne, Mayor
Kathy Petersen, City Clerk

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