Council Meeting Agenda

City Council meetings are held on the first and third Fridays of each month at 3:00 p.m., at City Hall, 1750 Maharishi Center Ave. Meetings are open to the public.

Maharishi Vedic City
Notice of a City Council Meeting
To Be Held Monday, February 14, 2019, 3:00 PM
1750 Maharishi Center Ave.


  1. Minutes
  2. Claims
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Fiscal Year 2020 City Budget
  5. Set Public Hearing Date for FY20 Budget
  6. City’s Ownership and Determination of Use of Lot 11 MCPHWP
  7. Roads Report
  8. Resolution to Adopt Joint City/County Agreement for Urban Renewal Projects
  9. Wastewater Operator Bidding
  10. Solar Array Planning
  11. BSF Campus Use
  12. Housing Loan Payments
  13. Marking Mandala Circles 
  14. Community Center
  15. Other Business