Council Meeting Agenda

City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 2:30 p.m., at City Hall, 1750 Maharishi Center Ave. Meetings are open to the public.

Maharishi Vedic City
Notice of a Meeting of the Public Safety and Public Works Committee
Leslee Goldstein (Chair), Stellavera Kilcher, Kent Boyum, Kathy Petersen
To Be Held Monday, September 20, 2021, 3:30 PM

City Hall
1750 Maharishi Center Avenue

This meeting will be held electronically via Zoom or telephone (instructions below).


  1. Review Building Permit
  2. Building Code Ordinance
  3. Other Public Safety and Public Works Business

* Instructions to connect electronically:

  • If you have Zoom installed the URL is
  • Download Zoom on your device from Click on “Join a meeting”, enter the meeting ID 89424333445, click on “Join”.
  • To connect by telephone, call 312-626-6799. You will be prompted for the meeting ID. Enter meeting ID 89424333445 followed by #.
  • Zoom security requires participants wait in a “waiting room” until the host lets them in. The message you will see is “please wait, the host will let you in soon.” This may take a few seconds or a minute.

Please contact Kathy Petersen at 641 470-7000 if you are unable to connect to the meeting.